Monday, May 10, 2010

an idea for drinks

Lately, I have been on a real kick for glass stuff.  But really... it's just that I love how glass looks.  Let's be real... not everyone's weddings are at places where glass is a suitable thing - especially with so many brides getting married outside at places like the beach, the park, and even their own backyard!  I came across these awesome drink dispensers at a party recently.  They are from Pottery Barn, and are a little pricey, I wouldn't call them the best bargain ever, but I think they are so worth it.  And sometimes... you just have to the bite the bullet and splurge.  I did some investigating and all of the reviews I read for cheaper acrylic dispensers seemed poor; they leaked, they looked cheaper, they just didn't measure up!  The reviews for these, however, seemed flawless.  They look like real glass, are a little fancier with the silver accents, and no reported any leaking from the spigot.   And they are reusable!! You can buy them for the wedding and then keep using them at your parties as you entertain as "married people."  I would suggest buying a couple of them so you can put different types of drinks in them.  I am purchasing my own set and plan to use them at an upcoming party and serving an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of everyone's summer favorite - lemonade!

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