Thursday, September 1, 2011

a bargain mommy?

Hello all!! Just wanted to pop in and let you know about this neat new blog I found for mommies!  - they are doing an awesome giveaway for a Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo carrier!! If you win, that's the bargain of all - FREE!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Being a wedding planner?

As many of you know, I am a girl of many hats these days... my latest hat is that of a wedding planner.  A good friend of mine recently asked me to come aboard as her matron of ceremony and her wedding planner.  I am going  to be using my blog to document the journey to the aisle with her.

Our first task was to pick colors!! Well that's always the fun part, isn't it?  After talking through some color options we found out she loved black, teal, and and coral.  Her wedding is next fall and at the beach so we had to pick something that blended the two ideas together.  We picked.... persimmon!! Now to put it into normal crayola terms it is cinnamon + coral! Hello summer beach setting, meet fall!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's my favorite time!!

It's extra 30% off time at j.crew in the final sale section!  This means, if you are having a summer wedding like I did, it's time to pick your color out of sale ones and get your girls to order their dresses!!! I even saw on there today that my wedding dress (the short white one) is on sale for $30 PLUS another 30% off!!! How could you beat that?!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's time to start planning...

next year's summer weddings! 

To kick off my new dedication to the bargain bride world, here's a new tip!  

SHARE STUFF!! No... I am not saying share your wedding gown with your sister or anything, although I guess you could, but lets be real... why can't you share some stuff?

For my wedding we made a ton of stuff ourselves, including the bridesmaid bouquets, annnnd then we forgot them! (Yes, I know, leave it to me or my big to forget the flowers! But it's okay... grocery store flowers are perfect!)  But what am I supposed to do with those original bouquets?! Find another bargain bride whose getting married on the beach, that's what! 

Maybe you have extra candles you only burned for a little while or some other stuff that can be used at a shower or reception.   And remember, if you were a good bargain bride, you didn't spend too much money on it to begin with, so help another bargain girl out and "donate" it to the wedding or just let her borrow it, if it's something you really want back!

It's okay to pass down stuff to another bride you know, or offer to share your craft supplies so you can recreate something you have already perfected!

Who knows? Maybe you and your friends and family will start some new traditions this way!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember those cake pops?!

Hey everyone!  Remember those incredibly cute cake pops I mentioned a couple weeks ago?!  Well my favorite foodie is running a contest to win some of your own!  Try 'em before you buy 'em for your wedding!!  Check it out!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brides! Have you heard of Rue LaLa yet?!  My best friend, Kate, has gotten me hooked!  Today when I checked it, the boutique for the next two days is an "I Do" shop!! Ladies, get in there and check it out!  Great bargains for the bargain bride!!!!  I forgot to mention, it's by invitation only, so if you're not in yet, ask around.... some of your girlfriends have got to be in there!
What are you waiting for?!?  Go to Rue LaLa!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Give pops a chance!

Mornin' everyone!  Sorry that I am a little earlier than my normal posting time, but I could not resist. And let's face it, I am not so good with the posting schedule anyway!

I was going through my google reader this morning and ny good friend, CookinFanatic, had the cutest thing I had ever seen her blog!!  As most of you know, since I have mentioned this healthy cooking girl a few times, Stephanie tries to live as healthily as possible, and is definitely a foodie.  She posted about these cuties from Candy Valley Cake Company in her blog last night!

I could not resist telling ya'll about them!  Now, I haven't tried them yet, but if the fanatic recommends them, then they are definitely are on my list of things to get!  They would be perfect at a wedding!!  Think cupcakes, but even cuter!  They could easily be displayed in a cute way instead of a big cake... and we all know how much I love replacements for big huge cakes!!  You could even add them in to a self-serve candy bar.

I looked through the company's Web site and some of these cake pops are so wonderfully decorated, they are just to die for!  I kind of wish I had heard about these earlier... they definitely would have made an appearance at my wedding!

The other thing to consider is that they don't have to just be for weddings; you can use them at showers and parties too!