Monday, November 2, 2009

The leaves are beautiful at this time of year...

...and so are Autumn brides!

A co-worker of mine just had a beautiful fall wedding. I don't have the rights to his images, but it was full of gorgeous leaves, huge acorns, and a cake that looked like a real tree! The cake even had their initials "carved" into the bark. I have never seen anything like it... perhaps because most of my research was in Summer weddings, but it's time to branch out!

When (or if) I can get some photos, I will share them.

His bride used huge acorns as decorations on guest chairs and used smaller ones for the boutonnieres. Acorns adorned the tables and they used pumpkins as decorations too. They also had acorns with their names hand-painted on them as favors.

All of these things can be found fairly cheap. Another thing you could use is mums in really nice pots. Mums are about $5 a piece at this time of year and the colors are incredible. If you are planning a fall wedding for next year, you could go to the craft store, or any other store for that matter, and look for fall stuff going on clearance and get it now on sale and just keep it until next year. (gotta' keep the bargains coming!)