Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RSVP please

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good weekend! Sorry I have been MIA lately... classes started back up and work is... work. haha

Recently, I started following my favorite stationary store on twitter and it reminded me that I haven't given ya'll any tips on your invites!

Picking out my invitations was a really fun part of my wedding planning. I went my local stationary store, The Cordial Cricket, and those ladies really know their stuff! If you live in the Richmond, VA area I highly recommend them. Check them out on their Web site, facebook, or twitter! They know everything and can definitely help you pick the right invites for you event. They even have all the etiquette tips you could ever need to make sure you do things right. But I think one of the biggest/best things about them is that they will help you stay in your budget.

They have more than just invites to order too... they do a ton of printing at the store too! So make sure your MOHs and family know they can shower invites there too!

Stationary can get really pricey, for sure. So put your bargain bride hat on and make sure you stick to your budget! My invites were perfect for my event - light, fun, and bright! And best of all... they fit me and my checkbook!

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  1. Linda-you are right! The Cordial Cricket is such a GREAT place to get your invitations and other gifts as well! Everyone should definately check it out!!!