Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little lighting

As I was flipping through a magazine the other day, I saw some of the cutest ideas for lighting and centerpieces! The one that stuck out the most was super easy and wouldn't be too expensive.

First, fill large vases in various sizes with sand and then take random sized candles that match your wedding color(s) and place them in the vase. You can also choose to use white candles for a really clean and simple look.

If your wedding is an outdoor event, consider using citronella candles in the mix too. Places like Crate and Barrel and Pier1 usually have them out for the Summer. This way, everything will look pretty and your guests won't have to worry about bugs while they're enjoying the time outside with you!

Here is a tip for those of you want to be a little greener these days - consider using soy candles! While they may be a little more expensive, keep your eye out and try to catch them on sale. Yankee Candle does a semi-annual sale and you can find some great deals there!

For my wedding we did something similar. The difference was that I didn't use glass vases, we used galvanized buckets with sand in them. As an added bonus... since we were at the beach, sand was free and easy to find!

You could use this idea for simple things like cookouts or dinner parties too!

And remember, while most of the places I mention in my blog are bigger chain stores, because that makes it easier for everyone to get what I am suggesting, always remember to shop those local stores in your hometowns!! It's a great way to get to know your community and put money back into it!

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