Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's time to start planning...

next year's summer weddings! 

To kick off my new dedication to the bargain bride world, here's a new tip!  

SHARE STUFF!! No... I am not saying share your wedding gown with your sister or anything, although I guess you could, but lets be real... why can't you share some stuff?

For my wedding we made a ton of stuff ourselves, including the bridesmaid bouquets, annnnd then we forgot them! (Yes, I know, leave it to me or my big to forget the flowers! But it's okay... grocery store flowers are perfect!)  But what am I supposed to do with those original bouquets?! Find another bargain bride whose getting married on the beach, that's what! 

Maybe you have extra candles you only burned for a little while or some other stuff that can be used at a shower or reception.   And remember, if you were a good bargain bride, you didn't spend too much money on it to begin with, so help another bargain girl out and "donate" it to the wedding or just let her borrow it, if it's something you really want back!

It's okay to pass down stuff to another bride you know, or offer to share your craft supplies so you can recreate something you have already perfected!

Who knows? Maybe you and your friends and family will start some new traditions this way!

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