Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bridesmaids across America

A bride recently emailed me and asked me "What should I do if my bridesmaids are all over the country? And what to do if they all have different body types? I don't really want to do the normal David's Bridal stuff."

That's a great question! One that I am sure more brides have asked themselves. David's Bridal is certainly a great option. They are all over the country and it's easy to pick your color/fabric.

But my biggest suggestion would be to check out J.Crew. They have a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. You, as the bride, should pick the color and fabric you like the best, and then if you are worried about body types, let each girl pick her own style. This will ensure she gets something she is comfortable in! J.Crew stores are all over the country so it should be easy for a bridesmaid to get to one and try the dresses on. If there isn't a store nearby, their special occasion consultants are incredible!! Mine was the best guy ever! He helped me get everything ordered for everyone (even the groomsmen!!) He made sure if something I needed wasn't in the warehouse, he would check all of the stores nation-wide and have it shipped to me.

The prices at J.Crew aren't bad either. Because remember, if you are being a bargain bride, you need to look for bargains for everyone in your wedding part too!

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