Monday, December 28, 2009

holy moly it's been a while!

As usual, I have slipped on the blog front. The holidays have been crazy! But don't worry - I'm back and full of bargains! Just a little note to get us back in the swing of things...

j.crew is running 20% off their final sale stuff. This sort of sale is how my bridesmaids got their dresses for such steals! So take a look, and if you see what you like, tell those girls to get on it asap!

Also, for those of you having winter/holiday weddings at this time next year...get out there and start clearance shopping!! It's okay if you have to store it for a little while.... think of all the money you'll be saving! Even if you are having an autumn wedding, get out there. Alot of decorations this year were nature inspired and a little on the woodsy side!

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