Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Flowers can be a very large expense when it comes to weddings, but they don't really have to be...

For my wedding, we chose to use artificial flowers since being out in the sun and heat of the beach may cause real ones to wilt too quickly. At my local craft store, I found small bundles of flowers and wrapped them with ribbon. Each of my bridesmaid bouquets cost only $10 each after all was said and done. And they look incredible!! No one will ever know how much money I saved on them!!

For my bouquet, I used artificial ones as well. Although, the flowers I used were a little more pricy. I found some at a craft show that looked and felt just like real daisies. I spent about $35 on flowers and just bought some inexpensive ribbon to wrap around the stems.

We won't be having flowers for centerpieces, so that is saving a ton of money too. Get creative with your centerpieces and see what you come up. I will post about mine next time.

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